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Why do Wholesales Distributors need Cloud ERP Solutions?

Cloud ERP solutions provide wholesale distributors with a comprehensive business management system that combines financials, operations, sales, marketing, customer service, and more into a single platform. This streamlines their processes and makes it easier to manage their business. With a cloud ERP, wholesale distributors can access real-time data from any location, quickly assess the health of their business, improve customer service, and stay competitive in the market. Cloud ERP solutions also provide scalability and flexibility, so they can easily adjust to changing customer needs and market conditions.

Why NetSuite?

Wholesale distributors have had to adjust to the rapid and considerable changes in the industry and must remain agile to remain competitive. By utilizing NetSuite, distributors can conduct their operations on one integrated platform, reducing IT costs and gaining a complete, real-time view of their companies. NetSuite facilitates operating an entire business on a reliable cloud platform, eliminating the need for multiple applications and consolidating data into one customizable system that can be accessed from any location. Distributors can gain unprecedented insight through data collected from various areas of the organization and provide their employees with the required information.

Wholesalers can gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers by automatically logging every interaction in a single, easily searchable system, from marketing to sales to service and support. Satisfy customers through a multi-channel commerce approach, engaging them across multiple digital platforms, over the phone, via email, face-to-face and more. Exceed the continually changing expectations of today's consumers.

Key NetSuite Features Help Wholesalers

NetSuite is a robust cloud-based platform designed to help wholesalers manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively. With its suite of features, users can streamline processes, improve customer service, and gain insights into the performance of their operations. These features include advanced inventory management, order fulfillment, customer relationship management, accounting, and analytics. Additionally, NetSuite also offers a suite of integrated mobile applications to help wholesalers stay connected to their customers and operations from anywhere. With NetSuite, wholesalers can maximize efficiency, streamline processes, and make informed decisions. NetSuite offers built-in workflows for critical functions across your distribution business, including:

Commerce. Omnichannel engagement brings together all your customers and business activities.

Inventory. Manage inventory and supplier relations more effectively. Optimize your list and your supply chain to speed delivery time, increase sales, improve inventory turn and deliver the products your customers want when they want them.

Financials. A best-of-breed financial management application ensures world-class accounting across your organization.

Marketing. Real-time metrics and comprehensive data drive engagement with current customers and new market expansion.

Sales. Unparalleled efficiency and visibility from lead to close support a sales effort that's second to none.

Orders. Omnichannel means accepting orders everywhere (online, offline, EDI and more) and fast-tracking order-to-cash.

Sourcing. Ultimate control over procure-to-pay processes, improve supplier relationships, transparency and forecasting.

Warehouse. WMS functionality reduces overhead and cycle times while increasing inventory turns and on-time delivery rates.

Support. Case management, return tracking and self-service client support enable you to run a customer-oriented business.

Customization. The groundbreaking SuiteCloud platform provides infinite extensibility, meeting our unique needs and scaling as you grow.

Wholesalers' Success with NetSuite

NetSuite has been a game-changer for many wholesalers. After its implementation, customers have reported improved efficiency, enhanced visibility, and better accuracy in their operations. Several hundred customers have shared their experiences, and their words have been overwhelmingly positive. Most customers report that their operations have become easier to manage, their financials are more reliable, and their functions are more profitable. Additionally, they can access data in real time and make more informed decisions. Furthermore, customers have noted that the implementation process has been smooth and relatively stress-free. NetSuite has been a great asset to many companies and continues to improve their operations daily.

"There's no question that NetSuite has facilitated our high level of growth. NetSuite allows us to get the back-office out of the way to focus on our core mission." Director of Operations, Big Agnes

"With all the efficiencies we've gained with NetSuite, our team can focus more on our sales and working with our customers and future customers." Becker Safety and Supply

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