10 reasons to switch from QuickBooks to Oracle NetSuite

As businesses grow, so does their need for an accounting system that can scale along with them. QuickBooks is a popular accounting system, but it may not be able to provide the features necessary to meet the changing needs of your business. This is where Oracle NetSuite comes into play. Here are ten reasons you should consider switching from QuickBooks to Oracle NetSuite.

1. Automation: 

QuickBooks requires users to manually enter and manage data, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. Oracle NetSuite is the best in automation due to its comprehensive features. It offers real-time visibility into operations, giving users accurate data to make informed decisions. Its automated processes save time and eliminate errors, while its cloud-based platform ensures scalability and reliability. It also offers integrated reporting and analytics, allowing users to create customized reports to gain insights into their business. Furthermore, Oracle's rich library of third-party integrations and APIs makes it easy to connect with other systems and leverage data to drive business decisions. With Oracle NetSuite, businesses can streamline operations, optimize performance, and maximize profits.

2. Financial Visibility: 

Oracle NetSuite provides real-time visibility into your financials, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly. Oracle NetSuite provides superior financial visibility when compared to QuickBooks. With Oracle NetSuite’s powerful, integrated financial management capabilities, users have access to real-time, comprehensive insight into their financial data, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly. Oracle NetSuite also offers a robust suite of reporting and analytics tools, allowing users to easily create reports and track financial performance. Additionally, Oracle NetSuite’s secure cloud-based platform ensures the highest level of data protection, making it the ideal choice for businesses seeking financial visibility.

3. Integration:

QuickBooks offers a partial set of integrations. On the other hand, Oracle NetSuite provides an extensive list of integrations with popular business applications, such as Salesforce, Slack, and Zendesk. This makes it an ideal choice for companies looking to streamline operations and access valuable data from multiple sources. With Oracle NetSuite, businesses have access to real-time visibility of their financials, inventory, and order processing and powerful analytics to help them make data-driven decisions. Compared to QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite offers superior integration capabilities, providing businesses with a unified platform for managing their entire business. Oracle NetSuite's extensive library of pre-built integrations makes it easier to connect quickly and seamlessly with other applications and systems.

4. Scalability:

 QuickBooks can handle a manageable amount of data and transactions. Oracle NetSuite, however, is built on the cloud, so it can quickly scale with your business as it grows. Oracle NetSuite is allowing businesses to grow without migrating to a new system. It provides a comprehensive suite of applications and tools to help companies manage their financials, operations, and customer relationships. Additionally, Oracle NetSuite offers a range of integrated tools such as analytics and insights, process automation, and multi-currency capabilities, all of which can be scaled up as needed. These make it ideal for companies looking to expand their operations, as they can easily access the necessary features without investing in a new system.

5. Reporting: 

 Oracle NetSuite provides robust highly, which includes reporting capabilities, helping you quickly access the information you need. Oracle NetSuite is an industry-leading cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that offers superior reporting and analytics capabilities compared to QuickBooks. With a comprehensive suite of reporting modules that can be tailored to any business need, Oracle NetSuite provides powerful insights into financial performance and operational efficiency. Oracle NetSuite also offers extensive real-time financial data, enabling users to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, Oracle NetSuite provides a wide range of analytics services and features, such as predictive analytics, which can help businesses to understand their customers better, predict customer behaviour, and focus on areas of improvement. With these comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, Oracle NetSuite is the superior choice for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge.

6. Security:

Oracle NetSuite provides an enterprise-level security system far superior to QuickBooks. It offers comprehensive access control and authentication, along with highly audited data encryption, ensuring that data is always secure and properly managed. NetSuite also provides advanced security measures such as 2-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication, and single sign-on to keep unauthorized users out of your system. Additionally, NetSuite has undergone extensive security audits by third-party security experts, ensuring your data is safe and secure. As such, Oracle NetSuite is a clear choice for those looking for a fast and reliable financial management solution.

7. Mobile Access:

Oracle NetSuite is optimized for mobile so that you can access your data anywhere, anytime. Oracle NetSuite Mobile App is customizable, while QuickBooks App is not.

8. Cost Savings:

Oracle NetSuite is often more cost-effective than QuickBooks since it does not require additional hardware or software purchases. Furthermore, Oracle NetSuite offers significant cost savings over QuickBooks. With NetSuite, users can access their information from any device, eliminating the need for multiple licenses. Additionally, the platform offers a suite of integrated applications for accounting, order management, e-commerce, and more, cutting out the need for costly add-ons and additional software packages. Finally, the scalability of NetSuite allows businesses to quickly and cost-effectively expand their operations as needed, without the need for other hardware or software. This makes Oracle NetSuite a choice for companies looking to maximize their bottom line.

9. User-Friendly Interface:

 Oracle NetSuite has a much more user-friendly interface than QuickBooks. It is designed to have a simple, intuitive, and straightforward approach that makes it easy for users to learn and navigate quickly. The user interface features a modern and intuitive design and customizable views, allowing users to personalize the look and feel of their workspace. Additionally, Oracle NetSuite has advanced search capability and powerful analytics tools, enabling users to find the information they need quickly. Overall, Oracle NetSuite is an excellent choice for businesses of any size that need a reliable and efficient accounting software solution.

10. Support:

Oracle NetSuite provides 24/7 customer support, so you can get help when needed. Oracle NetSuite offers comprehensive support to ensure customers get the most out of their investments. With a dedicated team of Oracle NetSuite experts available for online and telephone support, customers can quickly resolve their issues and get the most out of their investments. Additionally, Oracle NetSuite offers a range of web-based training, tutorials, and videos to help customers get started quickly. Unlike QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite features a comprehensive support portal where customers can find answers to their questions and efficiently get the help they need.


Ultimately, Oracle NetSuite provides the features and support your business needs to succeed. Oracle NetSuite is worth considering if you’re looking for a more robust accounting system. Switching from QuickBooks to NetSuite is an excellent decision for small business owners looking for a comprehensive business management solution. It is a cloud-based platform that streamlines financials, provides real-time visibility, is scalable and integrates ERP, making it easy to use and access from anywhere. Additionally, it is more cost-effective than QuickBooks and other solutions and provides analytical insights to help you make better decisions. With these features, NetSuite is the perfect solution for small business owners.

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