Zoho Support

Zoho Support pulls in all your customer interactions from across multiple channels into a single, clean interface. You can then seamlessly continue these conversations and help customers easily.

Automate several manual tasks that could drain the productivity of your customer service team. That way, they can focus on delivering happiness to customers in every interaction.

How can you make bricks without clay! Measure several metrics you care about. Identify weak spots in your processes. Inspire your team and optimize for maximum customer happiness in every interaction.


  • Many channels. One place.

    Customer interactions from email, phone, chat, social media & more pulled into a single place. Convenience is the word.

  • Automate. Be Productive.

    Frequent activities ought to be automated. That's where software comes in. In other words, better productivity for your team.

  • Measure. Optimize.

    Ain't no bricks without clay! Measure things that matter. Understand what & how to improve. Create more customer happiness. Now, put that in a loop.

  • Customer information, courtesy Zoho CRM.

    Know more about the people behind the tickets. Understand them better. Close tickets, open happiness.

  • Happiness in your Language.

    Help is best asked for and better delivered in native tongue. With native support for nine languages, consider that covered.

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Be Anywhere. Deliver Happiness.

We've taken the 'desk' out of Helpdesks, and for good reason! Take a day at home or leave early from work. But continue to help your customers either way. With Zoho Support for iOS and Android, wherever you are, you're right next to a customer.

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