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Zoho Recruit is a smart and fully automated recruitment solution. Zoho Recruit can be used by staffing agencies and HR/Recruitment departments. Staffing agencies: Reminds you to talk to clients, maintains contacts and scheduling interviews are not so tiring after all. Zoho Recruit for staffing agencies makes your life simpler! For Corporate HRs: Zoho Recruit takes in-house recruiting to a whole new level. Make your work uncomplicated by sourcing, tracking and hiring your talent - all from one place.

Set up your Zoho Recruit to work the way you want it to. Create custom modules, organize your tabs, tag records for easy recall, and personalize organization settings for an amazing user experience.


  • Enhance visibility, extend your reach.

    Share your job openings with the world! Publish job openings to your company website and the most popular job boards to increase exposure and start sourcing e top talent.

  • Let your brand create a lasting impression

    Use the power of your brand to find candidates by creating a custom Careers Website Page. Add your company logo, change the theme, and select colors so it matches your website and brand perfectly.

  • Minimize process time, maximize efficiency

    Manage resumes the smart way. Zoho Recruit lets you parse resumes, perform powerful searches, trace candidate status, and associate candidates with job openings.

  • Never keep candidates waiting

    Combine multiple communication channels into a single platform to avoid logging into individual clients. Retrieve or trace all communication with candidates or clients, from within their respective records.

  • Create and implement your custom workflow

    Customize every aspect of your workday by creating workflows to automate tasks giving you time to handle everything else.

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Zoho Recruit is integrated with a leading resume parser tool, so you can parse multiple resumes and transfer important information directly into your candidate database.

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