Zoho Motivator

Why Zoho Motivator ?

- Surpass your sales goals.

- Improve your game.

- Gauge your success.

- Energize your team.

- Empower personal improvement.


  • Boost revenue.

    Drive increased revenue with contests that keep your team motivated and focused. Dashboards, real-time analytics, and scorecards help you identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Drive the right behaviors.

    Sales is the goal. Your team achieves this goal by focusing on the steps that ​lead up to it. Create contests that let you focus on the right behaviors that generate more revenue.

  • Increase team engagement.

    Quotas aren't fun, but contests are. Engage your team and use Motivator TV to showcase their performance on a TV or a projector.

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Smart dashboards

With Motivator dashboards, you know exactly how your sales team is performing. Dashboards are like windows to your sales data : All your organizational objectives and performance measurement metrics are in one central page, granting you instant visibility.

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