Haya Pay

Haya Pay - Payroll Management System

HayaPay® – Payroll is a SaaS cloud application built on top of Zoho Creator platform. HayaPay® enables small and medium size business to process employee’s payroll efficiently, accurately and effectively.

- HayaPay® allows the payroll processing team calculates the monthly payroll in few minutes

- Payroll team can submit payroll for management approval and get it approved online

- Management can approve payroll wherever they are and avoid salary deposit delays

- Payroll team can submit payroll files to the bank and process payments remotely

- No need to print any document that keeps your payroll data secure from any unauthorized access

- Payroll processing team will not be able to change any data in the approved payroll

- You can generate payroll reports per company, department, sub department, project, and location

- KPI Dashboard shows you the analytic of your payroll over time for monitoring and future improvement

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